Brexit - Government Proposal

Brexit – Government Proposal

One year after the Brexit referendum the government has finally announced its proposal setting out “our offer to EU citizens and their families in the UK”.

Please see the UK’s government proposal here:

and an interesting analysis about the proposal here:

Please remember that at the moment these are just proposals made by the UK government to the EU on how to “safeguard the position of EU citizens living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU”.

For the time being the UK is still part of the EU and therefore the rights of EEA nationals residing, or wishing to reside in the UK, have not changed. EEA nationals who are exercising treaty rights (working, studying, self-sufficient, etc) in the UK are entitled to reside in the UK and so are their families. EEA nationals and their family members are also entitled to obtain from the UK government EEA documentation confirming their right to reside – permanently in some cases – in the UK. We strongly advise that you apply for the EEA documentation which is relevant to your case.


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