Immigration Law and Nationality -

The Points Based System is the immigration route for non-EEA nationals to enter or remain in the UK to work, study and invest. The Points Based System was adopted in 2010 and the government has announced that from 1st of January 2021 – a new Points Based System will be introduced.

The system is divided into five tiers and to qualify for a visa under any of the tiers, applicants must score the necessary points-based threshold.

The Five Tiers are:

For migrants who are investors, entrepreneurs or recognised as being of ‘exceptional talent.

For ‘skilled workers’ who have a job offer in the UK with a Sponsor registered with the Home Office.

Designed for low-skilled workers to enter the UK and fill specific temporary labour shortages. This is now in force.

For Students. Applicants must have an offer from a UK educational establishment which meets the sponsorship requirements.

Temporary visas are divided into 6 sub-categories: Charity Workers, Religious Workers, Government Authorised Exchange Workers, the Youth Mobility Scheme, and Creative and Sporting Temporary Workers.

Family members of a Point Based System migrant can come to the UK to join their relative.