Immigration Law and Nationality - Points Based System

The new Points Based Immigration System began on the 1st December 2020. With the end of free movement for EU citizens, the Points Based Immigration System will soon be the only way for foreign nationals, including Europeans, to come to the UK to work and study. Similar to the old Points Based System, which began in 2008, this ‘new’ system is also divided into different levels (‘tiers’). Please see below for more information. 

The system is divided into four tiers and to qualify for a visa under any of the tiers, applicants must score the necessary points-based threshold.

The Four Tiers are:

The visa route for those that the Home Office consider to be ‘high value migrants’. This means those who are not sponsored by an employer, but are authorized to live in the UK based on their own skills, experience, talent, wealth or entrepreneurship.

The route for migrant workers sponsored by a Home Office approved sponsor.

The route for students (either children or university students). Applicants must have an offer from a UK educational establishment which meets the sponsorship requirements.

The route for temporary workers (including seasonal, religious, charity, sports or creative workers).

Family members of a Point Based System migrant can come to the UK to join their relative.

We understand this new immigration legislation can be difficult to navigate, please contact us for help regarding your specific immigration case