Immigration Law and Nationality - Leave Outside the Rules

For some people satisfying the onerous requirements of the Rules is not an option. Some people who wish to enter or stay in the UK do not fit into any immigration category. For these people, there may be another option: applying for leave outside the Rules.

For example, we have previously represented the elderly mother of a British national who entered the UK with a visitor visa. She needed to remain in the UK because she suffered from dementia and nobody could look after her in her home country. She would not qualify for leave under any of the categories under the Immigration Rules. We submitted an application for leave outside of the Rules and the Home Office granted her a 30-month visa to stay with her daughter which she can then renew.

Attempting an application outside the Rules can be risky but in some occasions is the only option available.

It is always a good idea to seek legal advice first, and at MPB Solicitors we have the expertise to help you with these types of cases.