EU Settlement Scheme Europeans & Their Relatives

The deadline to register under the EU Settlement Scheme was the 30th June 2021. However, the Home Office is still accepting late applications in certain cases. Those have not yet applied must do so urgently. Those that have recently arrived in the UK have 3 months to submit an application under the EU Settlement Scheme.

European nationals that are registered under the EU Settlement Scheme can still bring close relatives to the UK such as spouses/civil partners (if the marriage took place before 2021), unmarried partners (if you can prove that the relationship existed before 2021), children and parents. For children over 21 and for parents, you must prove financial dependency.

If your family permit application or EU Settlement Scheme application is rejected, you have 28 days to appeal from outside the UK, or 14 if you are in the UK. Please contact us if you need help with your Family Permit or registration under the EU Settlement Scheme, or if your application has been rejected.