Important Announcement from the Home Office

The Home Secretary announced some significant changes to the immigration rules this week that are expected to be implemented in Spring 2024. The most important changes are: 1. Students (except doctoral students) will not be allowed to bring dependents to the UK. 2. The minimum wage for skilled worker visas will rise to £38,700. 3. […]

Visas for Medical Reasons

The Court of Appeals has confirmed the process that the Home Office must follow when a person applies for a visa on medical grounds: 1. The first stage of the process requires the applicant to provide strong evidence of the seriousness of the illness, including the treatment involved and the consequences of witholding treatment. 2. […]

EU Settlement Scheme Rejections on the Rise

The latest statistics show a huge increase in application rejections under the EU Settlement Scheme. Due to recent changes in the way EUSS applications are processed, in the month of September alone almost 14,000 applications were rejected. To give you an idea of what this means, the average number of rejections in the previous three […]

What will happen when my residence card expires in December 2024?

The Home Office has announced that biometric cards expiring at the end of December 2024 will be replaced by “eVisas“. Limited information has been given, but it is expected that in the future people will create an online account to view and share relevant information about their immigration status with third parties. The Home Office […]

EU Settlement Scheme – Important Information for Applicants

For most people, the deadline for registering under the EU Settlement Scheme was 30th June 2021. The rules have changed, and from October this year (2023) people who still need to register under the EUSS will have to prove that “compelling reasons” exist to justify the delay in submitting their application. If this is not […]

Confirmed: NHS Surcharge Cost to Increase Significantly

Next year (2024) will see a significant increase in the cost of the NHS surcharge that is paid with many visa applications. This increase will come into effect no earlier than 16th January 2024 and the increase will be from £470 to £776 per year for children and from £624 per year to £1,035 per […]

Support for Asylum Seekers*

If you have applied for asylum and have nowhere to live, or have a place to live but not enough money to support you, you can apply for asylum support from the government. The time to apply for support is when you have your first asylum interview or when the need arises once you have […]

New restrictions on visas for students and their dependents

In last issue’s article we talked about how net migration to the UK in 2022 was over 600,000 people. Net migration is the result of the number of migrants entering the country (immigrating) minus the number of migrants leaving (emigrating). Faced with this shocking figure, and without any prior consultation, the government came out and […]

13 failed years of immigration policy – the Conservative government’s chaos

The latest immigration statistics were published in mid-May. Net migration (meaning migrants coming minus those leaving) turned out to be around 600,000 in 2022. In 2010 when the Conservative party was trying to return to power, David Cameron, the then Conservative party leader, promised to reduce annual net migration to the “tens of thousands” of […]

Illegal Migration Bill

In early March, the UK government tabled the Illegal Migration Bill in the House of Commons. It is expected to become law in the coming weeks. In the government’s own words, the purpose of the bill is to “create a scheme whereby anyone arriving illegally in the UK is removed without delay to their country […]