About Us - Manuel Padilla Behar

Manuel is a UK qualified solicitor and the principal of the firm.

He offers tailor-made advice in every aspect of immigration law and nationality, with 12 years experience practicing in this area.

Manuel’s work covers a wide range of immigration and nationality cases, with particular emphasis on complex cases under the EU Settlement Scheme, applications for entry clearance or leave to Remain under the Immigration Rules, as well as application to regularise immigration status in the UK. Manuel represents clients in their applications with the Home Office and in their appeal or Judicial Review proceedings.

Manuel has strong links with the Latin American community in London. He collaborates with various Latin American charities such as LAWA and LAWRs.

Some of Manuel’s most notables recent cases are:

  • Securing pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme for several ex-partners of European nationals and in some cases involving domestic violence or an uncooperative ex.
  • Obtaining a positive result in an appeal made by a Bolivian family against the Home Office’s refusal to grant them leave to remain based on her minor’s daughter’s residence in the UK of over 7 years.
  • Securing leave to remain to parents of British children when they live with the other parent.
  • Obtaining leave for the mother of a dual British and Colombian national who entered the UK with a visitor visa.
  • Securing indefinite leave to enter to a minor child whose mother, a dual British/Bolivian, wanted to bring him to the UK permanently.
  • Representing several partners of British citizens in connection with their applications for leave to remain in the UK.
  • Obtaining family permits and then pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme for two four-year old twins from Venezuela whose living conditions in that country were of great concern to their aunt who was married to an European national.
  • Assisting people to obtain fee waivers on the applications for leave to remain under the 10-year route or to have the restriction for no recourse to public attached to their visas lifted.
  • Successfully representing a mother in her family matters: a) application for a financial remedy as part of her divorce, b) in her ex-husband’s application to have contact with their child and c) in her application to relocate to France.
  • Assisting the mother of a British child in the negotiations with her ex-husband regarding their finances and child.